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Reed Bingham
State Park


A Wild Oasis

Reed Bingham State park holds one of Georgia's most gorgeous lakes. The 375 acre lake is filled and surrounded by beautiful wildlife. Fishermen can find bass, crappie, catfish and bream in the fresh water. Boaters can experience the lush water lilies and the Tupelo trees that line the shore. Hikers can spot Gopher Tortoises, Yellow Bellied Sliders, Indago snakes, bald eagles, American Alligators, black vultures, turkey vultures, and much more. About 80% of the Coastal Plain's plant community can be found along Reed Bingham State Park's Coastal Plain Nature Trail. This makes the park site one of the most diverse in the country. The park itself is less than six miles from 1-75, making it a convenient stop for travelers, but despite it's short distance from the highway it holds all the serenity of a wilderness oasis. 
The park is named after Amos Reed Bingham, who played a pivotal roll in preserving the beauty of this site by establishing a park. Visitors today can enjoy its vast amenities including 46 tent & RV Campsite, a pioneer campground, a primitive paddle-in Island Campsite, 7 Picnic Shelters, 4 Group Shelters, 1 beach Pavilion, a gorgeous sand  beach, 3 boat ramps, 2 fishing docks and even a playground for children.  For those wanting to explore the over a 1,000 acres of there are hiking, biking, and even boating trails.  One popular trail is the Little River Trail is a 1.1 mile biking and hiking trail that explores the parks River Swamp. Guests can enjoy bald cypress trees, Tupelos trees, and spruce pine. Another popular trail is the Birdwalk Trail is a 0.8 mile hiking and biking trail with beautiful southern magnolias, hickory, american holly, and the rare silky camellia.

Other than hiking popular activities include boating, bird watching, fishing, geocaching, interpretive programs, Miniature Golf, Orienteering, Paddling, Parks Paddler Club, Pontoon Boat Tours, Swimming, Canoeing, and even Kayaking. This park is not only a lush diverse biological wonder, but an opportunity to grow closer to the best of Georgian Nature.